Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Styles du Jour


This summer, I kinda let my blog go a little. I didn't mean too, but we've just been so busy that I didn't take much time to blog. I'll try to be better now that summer's getting to an end. :)

I had fun with my outfits this summer though. Here are a few!

First, here is one of my summer boat attires from Victoria's Secret!

A closeup of the top with my earrings and headband!

A cover-up! The sides are opened low! I loved it when I saw it in Victoria's Secret on Lexington!

Now here is a casual outfit I wore sometimes!

Another summer outfit!

Another little something!

Another necklace I like that I got in NYC!

A hat I got in NYC!

Me wearing that hat on the boat!


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