Sunday, December 26, 2010

Style du Jour!

This is my Boxing Day outfit this year! A gift from my Mom from her trip to Montreal a few months ago. I love Boxing Day! I love the Holidays! Period!

 A bracelet I got from one of my friends for Christmas!
My new nail lacquer. I got a pedicure last week and I discovered this brand... Sparitual! It's vegan and DPB-free. I guess it stays on really long.

Style du Jour!

This is the outfit I wore for my last-minute Holiday shopping on December 23rd. I did quite a bit of online shopping, but there were a few things I wanted, to finish up a few gifts. Usually, the hat I'm wearing is a decoration in my bedroom because it's my accent color, but I thought it was a good hat to wear that day. Somehow, the red seemed to make people happy. They were in great spirits! A touch of red always works! :)

I hope you spent a great Christmas if you celebrated it! We did! I'll post a few pics sometime. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Style du Jour!

Last week, I learned to knit. This is my first project. I love the design. I'm so excited! :)

I've had this hat hanging in my closet for a while now. I never wore it so I decided to cut it a little so it would become more of an everyday hat.

So this is what it became! Not perfect, but different and fun!