Thursday, December 2, 2010

Style du Jour!

Last week, I learned to knit. This is my first project. I love the design. I'm so excited! :)

I've had this hat hanging in my closet for a while now. I never wore it so I decided to cut it a little so it would become more of an everyday hat.

So this is what it became! Not perfect, but different and fun!


Angie said...

I can't wait to see the new hat on you! You're so fashion forward... I love it!

Myles got me the most awesome pair of BCBC knee high boots in Vancouver, I almost died! :)

P.S Did you check out that website I emailed you about?!?! The deals are AMAZING!! I got a Calvin Klein dress for work, regular price $280, I got it for $68, $10 shipping. Pretty amazing!!! And the shoes and boots OMG! My visa is going crazy! hahaha I always think of you when I see the type of clothes they have.

Mon Style du Jour said...

Thanks Angele! xox

You have to send me a pic of those boots! Way to go Myles!

I just got that email. I hadn't seen it cuz I rarely check that email account but I'm sure glad I did. Thanks!

Anna said...

Love your hand made knitted scarf, can't believe you just learned to knit and did this!!!
You have such a personalized style and a beautiful blog.
Thanks for visiting mine.

Mon Style du Jour said...

Thanks Anna! I just started this blog for two of my friends, but it's such a fun hobby!

I was pretty happy about my first knitting project! :)