Thursday, September 16, 2010

Style du Jour

I prefer summer, but fall has its perks: the smell, the colors, the theme parties (I'll post more about this), the vineyards in bloom (and this), the wine festivals (and this) and a fashion season unlike any other; for example: wearing faux fur without socks ;), mixing seasons... (although I still do it in the winter time, especially the no-sock thing, come to think of it), but this time of year is made for it. I'll show you more of my examples of it this weekend.

Until then, here is an example! This is a dress from Zara. I can wear it longer or shorter. In this pic, I'm wearing it on the shorter side, even though it goes shorter. I'm also wearing a black Guess cardigan on top and a faux fur jacket from Forever 21! The shoes are from Zara and the leggings from Axara Paris.

A necklace from Century 21!

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