Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Style du Jour

Here it is!

For some reason, the shirt color doesn't look the same as in person!?! In person, it's the color of the netting on my shoes, but with a different texture and pattern, obviously!



Angie said...

You have SO MUCH clothes!!! I have like 2 pairs of jeans and 4 shirts that I rotate...hahaha

Monique said...

I love these heels Jo!!! Are you wearing socks? Can't really tell in this picture. You should dedicate a blog just on those heels cuz they are Maaaajor!!!!

Mon Style du Jour said...

No socks Nik! I'll go take pics and post for the three new pairs of shoes I bought lately!

I love clothes Ang! I'm going shopping in Quebec City in a few weeks. I'm there for work so I'll get a little shopping done at the same time! :D