Sunday, September 19, 2010

Style du Jour

The weekend was fun! I think it was our last boating trip for this summer, even though I'm hoping we'll go again in a few weeks and leave the top on the boat for an autumn day on the water. We'll see. Nonetheless, it was a fun day on the boat. Aside from that we had brunch with my family. We invited them to our house. And finally, my friend had her little girl this morning. I'll post pics soon. She's a cutie! We went to visit them at the hospital before dinner tonight with friends.

As for my outfits this weekend, I wanted to get more on camera, but I only got one in pic. Busy busy! :P
I'll try and post more this week.



Mimi said...

i love love love your hat!

<3, Mimi

Monique said...

Love this outfit Jo! I have a question, are you wearing tights or nylon? I'm having a hard time with this here in Czech.
J'adore!!! Keep posting :)

Mon Style du Jour said...

Thanks Mimi! :)

Nik, here, I'm not wearing tights nor nylon. Sometimes I do wear tights and sometimes nylon though. I'll show you pics soon! xox