Tuesday, March 16, 2010



I shopped for a camera yesterday, but I wanted to keep looking to make sure I buy the one I like best. So I'm thinking I'll find one soon. I really need to get one so I can keep this blog going.

So to post a little, here's a little story... haha! I realized that I love buying scented creams when I go on vacation. I wear it there and when I keep on wearing it at home, the scent reminds me of the fun times we had on that particular vacation. It makes me happy! I.E. Two weeks ago, I bought the Blackberry and Tonka Bean hydrating lotion from VS and I wore it while in Florida. Then, when I wore it at home, that's when I realized that. It reminded me of our fun times while on vacation. Love it!!! Can't wait for our next trip!!!

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Owen's Mom said...

OMG.. we are sooo alike!! I do the same. I always buy a new cream when I got down South, I have one bottle of Body Shop that reminds me of Cuba and I bought one cream (with little glitters) at VS when we went to Frankies wedding and it reminds me of our trip. Yes - I still have some in it, I don't wear creams very often :)

Loving your blogs...