Thursday, March 11, 2010

A few pieces easily put together!

Still going through pics I already have cuz I didn't get another camera yet. I'm so busy this week. I'll get to it ASAP though. Until then, here are pics already taken. Enjoy! :)

Easy outfit!

Sweats and pearls

Jeans and tees are always fun!
I was on my way to get ready for a night on the town.
The flats came off and the heels got on!

BBQing on the dock! Gotta fancy it up! :P


Angele said...

Who would have thought that sweats and pearls would work?! Great job. I love the BBQ outfit you have on... ok, I think we need another shopping trip, I need tips! haha

Angele said...

I came across a blog that I thought you might like.. take a peek:

She takes an ugly article of clothing and makes something funky and pretty with it... interesting! :)

Monique said...

Wow Angie, this person is super talented. I don't know if I could get that creative and do what she does... It's kinda similar to who I follow. I ♥ fashion!! :)