Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Styles du Jour

Everytime I get home from work, I'm so used to changing right away that I forget to take pics of my Style du Jour. So I'll post a few things I wore during my trip to Florida!

Every single time I wear these boots, somebody compliments on them. I think that's pretty nice of them! It makes me smile. I bought these boots at Town Shoes in Toronto. I'm also wearing leggings with a shirt and a zip, both from the Bebe PH8 line. The fabrication of that zip is so nice.

I'll have to take another pic for you to see better.

I love this dress! It's so girly and flowy and fun! It's from Juicy! I bought it at the Envy boutique in Halifax. They carry some Juicy. I paired it with glittery shoes from Forever 21, a vintage belt, a faux pearl necklace from Aldo and a headband from Icing. It's a bit overdone, but I think it works. At least I felt fabulous and that's all that matters! :)

My boots again, with brown leggings, a linen shirt and a gold belt. I wore the buckle on the side and not in the middle just because I thought it looked better with that outfit. It gave it a little something more.

This was at a Wine and Cheese event in Orlando. I got a balloon corsage made by a clown. Haha! I bought the vest at Zara in NYC, the skirt at a boutique named Mystique (I think) in Soho! I bought the shoes at a store in Florida. I forgot the name. I just know it was at the Premium Outlets.

I just love to play dress up! :D


isabella thordsen said...

amazing outfits!

lovelyviolet5 said...

Love your style so much!!!We have the similar taste I can tell you!!Thanks for sharring!!!Lovely pictures!!!

Jolene Isabelle said...

Thanks girls! :)