Monday, April 12, 2010

Style du Jour


Today, my Style du Jour came from an inspiration from a blog I follow: You can check out her April 11th "Dagens outfit"!

It started with these pants that I had never ever worn.



Yesterday, after a year is my second closet - where I keep the stuff I don't usually wear - I converted them into shorts.

The back of my new shorts!

This is the outfit I made out of the pants. Thanks for the inspiration Isabella! :)

Now, I have to wear more versions of this outfit! I love it!

  • Shoes: Forever 21

  • Shorts: TH

  • Top: Esprit

  • Jacket: Zara

  • Belt: Guess

  • Pearls: Aldo

  • Gold 'necklace': Vintage
Here is a close-up of the necklaces I wore. The gold one is actually a vintage belt that I either wear as a necklace or a blacelet.

I also tried the outfit with this Express sequined shirt this morning!


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Monique said...

I love it also Jo!! Very nice xo

Jolene Isabelle said...

Merci les filles! I love this new hobby! :)