Friday, April 9, 2010

Style du Jour

It's Spring and I pretty much stopped wearing socks. Therefore, I try to still dress a little warmer to balance the no-socks-thing until the weather gets hotter. I have to say that we are getting above-normal temperatures though, but it's still a little bit chilly in the morning.

WHAT AM I SAYING... come to think of it!!! I sometime "forget" to wear socks in the winter (in the snow) just because it makes my outfit work better. :P

Ok! So I'm wearing a Zara blazer I got in Montreal, a Vero Moda tunic I got in Halifax, skinny jeans and a scarf from Winners - which is the same company as T.J. Maxx in the USA and T.K. Maxx in Europe. I'm  also wearing my Zara heels.

I also wore this bracelet I got in Florida!

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